"I'll miss you so much, bby, but good luck and I hope you get the absolute best, bc you deserve it."

Thank you, dear. <3 Whoever you are, I’m sure I’ll miss you, too.

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Well, it’s been a few months. And I haven’t even bothered logging into this Tumblr for a long time. I didn’t really mean to just…vanish, but…

I’d talked about my steadily decreasing interest in SPN last time I was here, I think, so it’s probably not that shocking when I say I’ve not watched SPN since February. More than that, I have just drifted out of the fandom entirely. I’m in a new fandom, to be honest, and, well…I’m loving it.

My experience here was pretty great. I met some lovely people. But I guess I just have to say that my time here has come to an end. I saw things on Tumblr a few days ago about the SPN finale, and realized I had absolutely no idea or feelings about the matter.

So yes…this makes it official, I’m basically out of this fandom. Forever? I don’t know, but I can’t really see myself coming back. At any rate…I’m not going to delete my blog just in case, I suppose.

The friends I made here in this insanely huge fandom, you’re great. Thank you for making it an enjoyable experience. ♥

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I’m still alive! And I have a new computer and phone! Here have a random selfie.

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It’s been a long day, I’m exhausted, just posting quickly to say that I did indeed get to TX just fine. Borrowing a computer, won’t have one of my own for a few days.

Tomorrow is my birthday. ;) I’ll be 18. :P I don’t think my family has anything planned. Which makes me sad. But whatever, I guess.

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oh gosssssshshkjashdklfjh it’s going to be okaaaaaay


<3 Thanks for the reassurance, it does help. :)

Just a few hours until I’m off to the airport. Flight is at half past one in the afternoon (for reference, it’s just gone half past three in the morning now).


In case you can’t tell? I’m flipping the fuck out. :C

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I just had to watch The Scene in Croatoan (you know the one) for research purposes. And now I’m sad.

Man, I considered leaving my seasons of SPN here in the UK (I have the first 4), but even though I’ll have to somehow acquire a NTSC DVD player or whatever in the US, I gotta bring ‘em with me. Can’t leave those. D:

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weecest fluff first kiss via weird circumstance sam is 13-17

"I told you there was no monster here." Sam squirms unhappily, but he’s tied too firmly to the rickety wooden headboard to get free so easily. "I told you, Dean."

Dean has his eyes closed, but even so he knows Sam is wearing a particularly bitchy face. Ever since he hit fifteen, it’s like he transformed into a constantly PMSing woman, making true all of Dean’s taunts over the years.

He can barely stand to be in the same room as Sam sometimes. Let alone tied up at the other end of the same bed.

"Just shut up and work on getting loose."

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Someone prompt me, pls

I haven’t written fic in forever, but I am suddenly in the mood to. Right now. This second. I have WIPs that I intend to complete, but they’re doing nothing for me right now. So.

Prompt me. Anything. Absolutely anything, as long as it doesn’t have to do with recent episodes (I’ve not watched any yet since 9.10). Weird shit, fucked up shit, whatever. I’m not promising to write it, but if it inspires me, and I hope at least one will, then I will.


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Well, fuck. I’ve got to go through my stuff because I’m only allowed to take one suitcase.

I hate this. This shit is becoming too real. Fuck, I hate everything right now.